4 Reasons why your next phone system should live in the cloud

Running a server for your emails doesn’t make business sense for the majority of small and even large enterprises today. So can be said the same of the telephone systems. Here we’ve listed four compelling reasons why it should be VoIP solution hosted in the cloud.

We’ve had a cloud based phone system (Cloud VoIP) since we started Dunedin IT 2009. During that time we’ve used two different providers and tested many others along the way. Over the last couple year’s we feel the technology has matured making it suitable for most companies with limited risk and many business benefits.


  • To work from any location with a suitable internet connection, be it home or your holiday home
  • To whether you want a physical phone, an App for your smartphone or both
  • To work with your existing network infrastructure
  • To scale effortlessly with your business, either grow or shrink
  • Ability to add enterprise features usually reserved for larger companies – Call centre, voice recording, CRM integration, etc
  • Integration with other cloud communication and CRM tools is often easier
  • Choose to purchase the VoIP phones, rent or lease them


  • You can take your phone home
  • Some providers allow you to run it from your smartphone, laptop or web browser
  • Your workforce can work from anywhere in the country or the world
  • Easier to have satellite or remote offices


  • No PBX (Private Branch Exchange) box is required onsite to make the phones work, just internet connectivity via switch
  • Which means one less thing that needs configuring and supporting
  • Old phone and ISDN lines are no longer needed
  • If you have suitable and reliable internet connection, then no additional connectivity is required
  • Pay for what you need, most suppliers of Cloud VoIP can offer short term contracts
  • You can even choose for no phone at all, just using softphone via your mobile or laptop works in the same way


  • Runs alongside your existing network, less moving parts to go wrong
  • Very simple to deploy, phones can just be plugged by staff
  • Management of the phone and telephone numbers is a via web browser interface, often easier that traditional complex systems
  • Don’t need to worry about backup voicemails or configuration, all of this should be taken care off by the VoIP provider
  • Which helps with business continuity and disaster recovery


With so many Cloud VoIP providers available Dunedin IT has ensured our clients choose the right platform for them. 

If you like to find out more about VoIP for your business, contact David or Jamie on 0131 225 2215 or email info@dunedinit.co.uk

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