Internet Connectivity

Ensuring your company has a good internet connection is not only about how fast it downloads and how cheap you may get it. Just because your home provider provides an excellent service for the family, this doesn’t mean they could also accommodate your business needs. Reliability often more critical to business, taking priority over download speed. Upload speeds are not a concern at home, whereas in a company it allows to send larger email attachments, upload content quicker and improve remote access experience.

  • Improved productivity and flexibility with true fibre internet solutions
  • Improve uptime and speeds by combining different internet technologies
  • Cost-effective solutions by combing different internet technologies
  • Reduce administration – Internet and IT services delivered, supported and billed from one company
  • Improved productivity through better connect offices
  • Wide-range of solutions from fibre, mobile 4G and Satellite
  • Access to the latest internet technology
  • Smart routers that can load balance and combine internet connections into one
  • Backup only internet connections
  • Specialised VPN solutions to work behind firewalls and 4G connections

Why Dunedin IT?

Poor and un-reliable internet connection?

Have you consider 4G or satellite internet solutions?

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Single point of contact and 24/7 Monitoring of connections

Need robust VPN solution to work with muliple internet connections?