Network Management & Monitoring

If your business utilises a number of computer services it should be complemented by a system that provides an overall picture of the health status of these systems. At a glance a single screen should provide you with such a picture.

Such a monitoring system should operate 24/7, offer multiple alert methods and cover a range of network devices, operating systems, services, and applications.

  • Allow business to understand the status of your IT systems through visualised data
  • Quicker response times to emergency events
  • Reduce downtime to the company through proactive monitoring
  • Implement standard procedures for failures
  • Allows businesses to understand insights into IT systems and plan for the future
  • Reduce risk to business by identifying security threats
  • Complete network, server and application monitoring
  • Bespoke dashboards for teams
  • Remote monitoring through VPN and Proxy deployments
  • Single plain of glass for your IT team
  • Monitor cloud services
  • Access from any device in any location

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