Moving your server to the data centre can have a number of business benefits. As businesses start to benefit from faster, reliable and cost effective internet connections this further strengthens the business cases for data centre solutions.

Over the years Dunedin IT has deployed a number of physical and virtual servers solutions in various data centres through out the UK and Scotland. Our own clients benefit from the knowledge that we can provide a server solution within hours.

  • Reduce risk to the business through improved cyber and physical security
  • Reduce risk to the company from power and internet outages
  • Improved productivity through better uptime and connectivity
  • Reduce spaced taken up in office by servers and other IT hardware
  • Reduce noise and power usage in the office
  • Outsource management of equipment and IT systems
  • Further, reduce risk to business by integrating backup and recovery solutions
  • Scotland and England data centre presence
  • 24/7 Secure access and support
  • Lightening internet speeds (1 MB to 10 GB)
  • Data centre fed with multiple power and internet suppliers

Why Dunedin IT?

Do you have a secure loction for your servers?

Choice of two UK data centres

24/7 access by Dunedin IT engineers

Does your IT infrastucture need a fast and reliable connectivity?