Server Consolidation

Typical server consolidation has been moving physical servers onto a virtualised appliance, allowing multiple servers to run from one piece of hardware. In most cases, this has been the standard practice for many years. Further server consolidation can be archived by using Hyper-Converged Server solutions, almost the virtualisation of virtual servers! Moving applications into the cloud also helps to reduce the number of servers a business needs to run. Other Server Consolidation solutions include containerization, the virtualisation of applications.

  • Reduce IT complexity for the business
  • Decrease running costs
  • Increase uptime of critical business applications
  • Reduce capital upgrade costs
  • Keep legacy servers and applications running
  • Spread the risk to the business
  • Silo important application
  • KVM, VMware, Scale Computing & Hyper-Converged solutions
  • Move physical servers to virtual environments
  • Move virtual environments to Hyper-converged hardware
  • Move Applications to Cloud solutions

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