At Dunedin IT we feel very strongly about our mission statement and in particular the word inspire.

To inspire empowerment of information and extract knowledge for success

At times it feels that IT companies like oursevles, all we talk about is preventive services rather than proactive and inspiring ones. So in this section of the website we thought about a collection of positive IT solutions and IT services, including a page of potential future solutions.

Ideas Wall

Solutions that are becoming small business friendly but yet are still a little be different.

Digital Transformation

Dunedin IT can help with your businesses Digital Transformation project.

The Future

These are IT Services that are not quite ready for the mainstream, but one day you never know when they become commonplace in small businesses.

Inspiring IT Services?

HD Live display between offices for improved belonging as one organisation

Company information and knowledge platforms for decision making at all levels

Unified Communication on any device and any location

Quality laptops and tablets worthy of your employee’s hard work

Cloud applications that can share company information with your suppliers

IoT and Wearable devices that break the status quo