Future Solutions

The last 100 years have seen significant changes in how businesses operate. Although you could say, that has been nothing compared to the previous 20 years. So what is around the corner in the next 5 to 10 years?

These are a selection of IT Services that are not quite ready for the mainstream, but one day you never know when they become commonplace for businesses. If you’re looking for solutions available today, then check out our Ideas Wall page.

Artificial Intelligence will help resolve simple support issues freeing IT team to provide more value-add for the organisation.

Machine Learning | Personal Voice Assistants

Increased usage of AI to produce analytics that helps the IT department to identify system-wide pain points.

Big Data | Business Intelligence

Extended IT coverage outside traditional office hours with new communication channels to match changing work habits.

Message-bots |  Virtual agents | Video Collaboration | Augmented Reality

With the perimeter security (firewalls) long ago defeated, IT Security strategy will focus on layered and rapid recovery approach.

Self Healing 

Usernames and passwords will be replaced or complemented with other security mechanisms such as wearable devices and biometric technologies.

Wearable Devices 

Its becoming impossible for IT professionals to effectively track all devices, applications, internet connections and storage locations for businesses. In the coming future, monitoring of network and data storage will be summarised using AI to reduce information overload.

AI Network & Data Monitoring

Artificial Integilliance will help to reduce information displayed to staff as businesses continue to accumulate mountains and mountains of data.

AI-powered business intelligence

The increased blur between what is hosted locally in your office and what is hosted in the cloud. Some businesses will always need fast local access to file and documents. The servers of the future will automatically balance how they’re stored either in the cloud or locally for quicker access. With future internet connections, this will become commonplace and seamless to end users.

Storage Offloading

What happened to Wireless 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1? Well, we’ve already had them, they’ve decided the next version won’t use confusing letters and numbers like 802.11n and 802.11ac. The next version will have new security protocols, easier management for IoT devices and of course, faster speeds.

Wireless 6

Following the latest version of WiFi is the next generation of 5G mobile data. Read our blog post here.

5G Mobile Network

Sometimes called Dark Fibre, this is whatever speed you wish. If you think about how we tap into the electrical supply today, consume as much as required. Internet connectivity will one-day be like this, and in some cities, this is already happening.

Fast as you want internet connectivity

Software Defined Networks

The running of legacy applications will be offloaded and secured in container services. Allowing businesses to keep older version of software without security concerns.


Converged technologies start to become the norm and not the exception.


Businesses are happy with a hybrid approach to cloud, private hosting and on-premise solutions.

Hybrid cloud and private cloud

Five Predictions

Augmented & Virtual Reality

We already have a client using Virtual Reality technology for visual modelling of buildings. We can see a day Augmented Reality becomes a standard business tool for training and remote assistance.

Artificial Integilliance as a Service

AI is already powering the latest version of Microsoft Office. It won’t be long till your company is ordering on demand AI to enable staff to shift away mundane tasks and concentrate on value-add.


Digital Transformation

New technologies, working habits and cultural changes. Digital Transformation buzzword will go mainstream with much hype.

New Mobile & Wireless Technologies

This technology is happening; with only a couple of years before it starts to hit the mainstream. Along with speed upgrades, the new protocols will improve on security and connectivity issues.

Blockchain Technologies

The technology behind Bitcoin often receives a bad press, but the distribution ledger has so much potential. Think about land ownership in corrupt countries, held on a government controlled database. A blockchain solution would mean everyone had a copy of the database and the consensus would be needed to approve changes.