Ideas Wall

We are often asked what the latest technology I should be buying for my business is? This one that is particular asked us when clients are either moving office or looking to refresh the IT infrastructure.

Below we’ve pulled together a selection of services and technologies that are either a little be different, maybe not quite mainstream but are within reach of small businesses. We hope these serve as ideas for your organisation.

Make meeting interactive

Created for collaboration from the ground up, these large touchscreens enhance meetings.

First impressions

Do away with the traditional sign-in book and good digital

Help the staff to learn more

Deploy a Learning Management System to provide self learning resources

Stress free video meetings

Having video meetings with your clients that only require laptop and internet connection.

Scale out storage

Move to software defined storage solution, no more moving of data around


Link the offices

Help remote offices feel part of the team with live video relays.

Stress free presentations

Wireless presentation systems

More desk space

Could the desktop be replaced with a tablet or light-weight laptop? Run traditional applications from a virtual PC?

Business Voice Assistants

Within 3 years 80 million voice enabled devices will be used in businesses

No more desk phones

Your deskphone can live inside an App on your mobile.

Reduce the noise

House all of your noisy IT hardware in a cool & secure Acoustic Cabinet

Open collobration

Look at tools such as SharePoint to share with your suppliers and clients more directly

AI protecting your company

Have AI constantly monitor your network & data, looking for risks

Digital Wall

Have your company information displayed in realtime

Computing Platform

Private cloud computing

One password

Use a Single Sign-on solution to manage all of your logins


Cloud base solution for Active Directory

Software defined networks

Build your own virtual networks

New collaboration tools

Move away from email with tools like Microsoft Teams, Yammer and Slack

Fast Internet, no really fast

You may have fast fibre to your offices, but is it so fast you now don’t notice it anymore?