For our regular customer’s security is at the very forefront of everything we do. We ensure systems we have supplied and support, are protected against the latest security threats. We believe that reducing your exposure and dealing with the weakest point in your IT setup. Small tweaks across your IT infrastructure can help to keep your head below the parapet. But remember, no system is bulletproof, plan for the worst and hope for the best, and the best being a robust backup and recovery solution.

Vulnerability Assessment

Is an assessment performed on the IT infrastructure looking for security and vulnerabilities weaknesses.

Backup and Recovery

We provide backup and recovery solutions for both data stored in the office and in the cloud.

Cyber Security

We provide a range of IT Security Services that are proactive and reactive solutions.

Email Security

Where the exchange of paper would of once constitute an agreement between businesses, this has now in large be replaced by emails. How do ensure these digital agreements are safeguarded?

Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Protection (DLP) Service can help a company protect its data not only from unauthorised access but from those that have access to it.

Why Dunedin IT?

Is the business protected from internal threats?

What would happen if emails where deleted on purpose?

Need guidance before inspection or certification?

When was the last time you tested the recovery of your company data?

Have you implemented your best line of defence?