Data Loss Protection

Although your business might have a suitable Backup and Recovery solutions to protect against fire, flood and hardware failures. How do you ensure the staff that have access to your company data do not abuse or steal information? Data Loss Protection (DLP) can help guard and monitor data usage within your organisation.

  • Helps to keep business complaint and within GDPR guidelines
  • Increased productivity through more open access to company data
  • Protect the reputation of the company
  • Concentrate on value-added IT solutions
  • Flexible payment models
  • Can protect data held within the office and the cloud
  • Stop data theft in action or alert stakeholders
  • Solutions can be deployed in the cloud or as a virtual appliance
  • Set and forget threshold policies
  • Content aware protection
  • Enforced file encryption
  • AI tools help with management tasks
  • Quick to deploy

Could DLP help my business?

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How do I implement a flexible IT policy but monitor best business and security practices?

Is the business protected from internal threats?

DLP that small businesses can really afford?

Data breach detection software that helps with GDPR polices