Backup and Recovery Solutions

Dunedin IT can provide both an onsite and offsite backup and recovery system, which would facilitate a robust Disaster Recovery Plan. We can provide a facility that will allow businesses to continue to operate should the business suffer a total disaster such as the destruction of the Office.

  • Peace of mind provided by the testing of the recovery process
  • Protect the company against the unknown
  • Allow the business to prioritise the importance of individual IT systems
  • Reduce management of backups
  • Increased uptime during server outages
  • Flexible solutions that grow with the business
  • Operational rather than expensive capital investment
  • Backup data held securely
  • Recover to physical, virtual and cloud solutions
  • Physical access to company data 24/7
  • Protect against hardware failures
  • Backup data test throughout the day and each process

“Once we decided to entrust Dunedin IT to backup our company data, it was a weight lifted off our shoulders”

National Scottish Charity

Things to consider…

When was the last time your company backups where thoroughly tested?

What would happen if you lost all of your company data?

How quickly could you source replacement servers and hardware?

How would your staff access recovered services and servers?

With a Dunedin IT Backup and Recovery solution we can take care of these concerns