Email Solutions

Communication has always been critical to businesses. Email in some cases is more important than the telephone; depending on who you ask. The end-user experience has dramatically improved since mainstream adoption in the late 1990s, think unlimited storage, access anywhere from any device. Although the demands have increased in complexity for enhanced security, reduced information overload, new compliance and more features.

  • Maintain productivity through superior uptime access to email
  • Productivity gains through the archiving of historical data and unwanted noise
  • Save business time through reduced spam & clutter in the inbox
  • Increase productivity through access to historical information
  • No capital investment or hardware required
  • Protect employees with security awareness training
  • Protect company reputation through improved security
  • Automatic “Set & Forget” archiving policies
  • Threats dealt with before they reach the business network
  • A layered approach to security multiple antivirus engines applied
  • Phishing protection
  • Outlook integration
  • Email archiving and journaling solutions
  • Encryption and backup solutions

Email issues?

Do you have a shared mailbox and its causing chaos with the stafff?

What would happen if emails were deleted on purpose or by accident and no-one noticed?

Need to monitor email access for compliance?

Do users need help managing mailboxes?

Need to improve email security?