Cybercrime Concerns – Your typical small business in the UK

This isn’t a case study about one particular client of ours, but one of a typical small business in the UK.

Business Requirements

  • Businesses concerned and want to be protected against latest Cyber Crime techniques
  • Solutions needs to be Small business budget friendly
  • SME don’t have resources to manage IT security on a daily basis
  • Companies unsure about the level and complexity of protection required
  • Needs to be simple to budget and control

IT Challenges

  • Continuously changing IT security landscape
  • Protect increasing range of devices
  • Always connect society
  • Retain flexibility for users and devices
  • Education of users of IT security risks
  • Not if your systems will be comprised or targeted, but when!

IT Solution Delivered

  • Dunedin IT Security Suite is a selection of security services from different vendors
  • Layered approach to IT security allows for zero-day attacks
  • Security awareness training for staff
  • Email, mobile, network, desktop and file protection services
  • And we always recommend a Disaster Recovery as a Service as a last line of defence (Dunedin IT in a box)

Benefits to the business

  • Fixed monthly cost per employee that can be scaled up and down to suit the business
  • Business risk is reduced by using multiple vendors across different entry points into the business (Email, network, websites etc)
  • Dunedin IT can swap out security services to ensure best products and value for client
  • Operational expenditure with no upfront costs required
  • Automatic and rapid deployment of solutions
  • Fully managed and audit by a team of IT professionals
  • Enhanced security services available to increase protection to key areas of the business