Archiving & Compliance

The modern computing started in most small businesses in the 1990’s with mass adoption of Microsoft Windows, then later when businesses started to use email and connected to the internet. As the cost of computer storage has drastically dropped in price and increased capacity, the need to archiving old company isn’t given much thought, simply add another hard drive or server. New government regulations, increasing awareness of data breaches and information overload mean archiving and keeping company data compliant is now becoming an issue for businesses.

  • Assists with keeping the business complaint and within GDPR guidelines
  • Increased productivity through more open access to old company data
  • Reduce information overload in the business by automatic archiving of old data
  • Protect company IP rights by ensuring old company data isn’t lost or misplaced
  • Small capital cost to implement
  • Simple “Set & Forget” archiving policies
  • Can archive data held within the office and in the cloud
  • Improved security
  • Solutions can be deployed in the cloud or as a virtual appliance

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