Cloud Backup

We believe in the “Belt and Braces” approach to backing up your documents and files. Online backup provides your business with protection against fire, malware and theft. More importantly, you don’t need to remember to swap a backup tape every night and take it home.

We have number of backup solutions to ensure your company data is safe whatever the capacity you require.

  • Protect the business against loss of company data
  • Little to no management required from clients
  • Real-time protection for the business
  • Guards against loss of data through unknown and internal threats
  • Protect any part for companies IT infrastructure
  • File and full drive solutions
  • Historic backups
  • Solutions for Apple, Linux & Windows
  • Centralised monitored and tested
  • Data is encrypted
  • Real-time protection

Things to consider…

When was the last time your company backups where thoroughly tested?

What would happen if you lost all of your company data?

How quickly could you source replacement servers and hardware?

How would your staff access recovered services and servers?

With a Dunedin IT Backup and Recovery solution we can take care of these concerns