Data Storage Solutions

The costs of data storage over the years has drastically decreased for small businesses. While the range of storage solutions has increased, local storage, network storage and cloud to name a few. This evolution of data storage has been fueled by users with multiple devices, government regulations, the need to keep information for legal reasons, security consensus backup solutions and multimedia content. With so much choice, how do ensure your company data doesn’t become fragmented over multiple devices and services?

  • Reduce support costs through simple and effective storage technologies
  • Increase uptime to businesses with high avaliablilty storage
  • Flexible finanical models – capital and operational
  • Solutions that help with compliance and disaster recovery polices
  • Reduce downtime and migration costs with rapid deployement solutions
  • Scalebility – Meet demands of the business
  • Simple and cost-effective network attached storage (NAS)
  • Distributed Storage Solutions for scalability and high reliability
  • Storage Area Network (SAN) for high-performance demands
  • Cloud File Server for always connected access
  • Object, Volume and File-based Storage Solutions
  • Scale-out solutions avoid forklift upgrades
  • Latest Software Defined Storage Technologies

On average a small business doubles the data it holds every two years

Looking for storage strategy for your business?

  • What is your current storage usage and capacity?
  • Is everything stored on one device or spread across multiple devices in different locations?
  • Are you expecting your data usage to grow at an exponential rate or at a steady pace as the business operates?
  • Do you need high-performance solution
  • What is your current backup and recovery solution?