IT Projects

Whether you’re IT department of one or twenty, we can bring a range of benefits of having reliable outsourced IT service provider that understands your business and IT department. From providing extra IT support during busy or holiday periods, managed IT services or offering cost-effective IT consultancy and strategy.

  1. Reduce costs through procurement of IT services and hardware
  2. Ensure IT Project is effective for the company (Business First)
  3. And if so, ensure the Project is delivered efficiently (Technically correct)
  4. IT Consultancy without high associated costs
  • Single Point of contact – Concept, Delivery and Support
  • Benefit from Dunedin IT established vendor relationships
  • Project ownership and accountability
  • Outsource IT project delivery
  • Tried and trusted IT solutions

Project Ownership

Something that important to us is ownership of a project, responsibility to deliver. If things go wrong, we believe in taking full ownership of the problem, even issues out with our control or without financial reward.

Projects Considerations

Is this a cost-effective solution for the business?

Would you like a second opinion or view from a different perspective?

Ongoing support after delivery of the project?

Have other alternative solutions been considered?

How long is the system expected to support the company?

Will the business grow, what happens if there is a downturn in business?