Integration of new business

Our client based in Edinburgh was looking to purchase a subsidy company from Siemens. The business was to be integrated into their current office in Bristol.

IT Requirements

  • Migrate all business processes, 40 staff and company data over a weekend into new IT systems
  • IT due diligence on Siemens subsidy company
  • Integrate into clients existing network in Edinburgh
  • Keep office running until the new office is ready in Bristol city centre
  • Move and integrate into a new office with existing staff
  • Dramatically reduce incoming IT costs
  • Improve IT offering to Bristol and incoming subsidy company

IT Challenges

  • The subsidy company had over complex IT systems hindering its current operations
  • Enterprise hardware and software was not suitable for transition into a small business
  • Limited timeframe to transfer a large volume of company data
  • Purchase date of subsidy was delayed on some occasions
  • Internet connectivity and delays to new offices required emergency server hosting
  • Limited exposure to current IT systems until the day of purchase.

IT Solution delivered

  • A new IT system was pre-configuring in Edinburgh allowing the solution to be parachuted into the Bristol office over a weekend.
  • Entirely new IT system was to provide enterprise features on a small business budget.
  • Extensive project management without going directors, Siemens integration team and client management team.

Benefits to the business

  • Reduce incoming IT costs by 90%
  • No historical or problematic IT solutions where our inherited
  • Incoming staff saw an improvement in IT solutions
  • All timescales and budgets were met


So why was this inspiring? – At the end of the project, Siemens IT department rang us to ask if they could find out more about the methodology and tools used to migrate the business if they could learn anything from Dunedin IT.