How to remove a virus from your home computer

Quite often clients ask us how to get rid of viruses off their home computer. We’ve found that most of the time you can remove viruses by following these simple steps below. For a business you should really have your IT support company take a look at the problem.

1) Don’t touch anything and reboot your PC into Safe Mode with networking, typically achieved by pressing the F8 button when Windows restarts. More information here

2) Once logged in under safe mode you need to download a copy of Malwarebytes and install it. If you can’t access the internet or the virus is getting in the way of doing so you will need download copy on to USB key on other computer.

3) Once Malwarebytes has been installed and updated its virus definitions, run a full scan and go for cup of coffee.

4) Anything from 30 minutes to two hours Malwarebytes should find some infected objects. Allow the program to clean the computer.

5) Reboot the computer back into safe mode again and repeat the process. Hopefully this time Malwarebytes won’t find anything.

6) Reboot the computer back into normal mode (without press F8) , ensure your current Antivirus product is update and run a full scan.


Most viruses come from either email attachments, surfing some slightly dodgy website or Peer to Peer programs such as LimeWire. Typically people buy a computer with McAfee or Norton already installed and think they’ve covered on the antivirus front. Most of the time these are trial editions which only last 30 days or so.

So you can either pay the subscription or download free product (Which won’t give you as much protection as paid products).


Microsoft Security Essentials

Avast Free