12 Tips for removing those extra stubborn viruses

Last year I wrote a guide on how to remove viruses from your home PC. Here’s what to do if you still can’t get rid of them!

1 – Turn off “System Restore” – Sometimes viruses hide in system restore and can come back after being deleted.

2 – Boot it into safe mode – Always the best place to start, reboot computer and press that F8 button on start up, then start the removal process.

3 – Run System Configuration Utility – Run “msconfig” via the start menu and disable any startup programs that look suspicious, be careful. CCleaner might also help and Spybot also has a tool called RunAlyzer.

4 – Rename anti-spyware applications – If you’re having problems installing your favourite anti-spyware program because of the virus then try renaming them.

5 – McAfee Stinger – McAfee releases a free program (Stinger) for removing certain viruses.

6 – Clean the disk – Sometimes running disk cleaner can to speed up the time AV and Spyware scan times.

7 – Spyware Apps & Tools – Try MalwareBytes, SuperAntiSpyware, HijackThis, SpyBot, antimalware and SpywareBlaster

8 – Anti Virus Apps – Microsoft Security Essentials, AVG Free and Avira – remember not all at once!

9 – Create a bootable CD or USB Key – AVG provide a free bootable Linux distro or you can try BartPE boot disk and remove infected files and folders.

10 – Command prompt virus scanner – Download VIPRE, install and boot into safe mode (F8) and select “Networking with command prompt”. Then run scanner via the command prompt.

11 – What’s running on your computerHijackThis generates an in depth report of registry and file settings from your computer for the real expert.

12 – Rootkits – Try these rootkits Prevx, Sophos Anti-Rootkit