9 Reasons for a IT Support Contract

For start-ups or even well-established businesses that have never had an IT support contract, they might question the reasons for a monthly cost. However how much is it costing the company by not having a professional IT support?

Information Technology touches all areas of modern businesses. It’s the engine oil that keeps departments running and communicate efficiently with one another. Having a relationship with a professional IT support company will ensure that oil is a premium condition.

Invest wisely in your business IT Systems

Your IT professional is purchasing IT goods and services every day. They will understand when it is worth paying more for a faster PC, money spent on an expensive laptop might be better allocated elsewhere and when a new cloud service will help the business become more efficient. Your IT support company will help to maintain that investment.

  • Save Money
  • Save Time
  • Maintain IT investment

Ensure you have IT Strategy that will support your business

So along with day-to-day IT investments, a long-term IT strategy that provides the business with adequate support for the growth of the company. An IT Support Company will want to understand your business plans, to ensure the services they deliver match the companies ambitions. That the business is not missing out on value-added services and new technologies, that can facilitate new ways of working.

  • Control Costs
  • Increase efficiency
  • Assist with growth of the business

Security, Security, Security

IT Security is so critical to today’s businesses. IT Support Company will not only recommend security services but make suggestions for best practices that help to keep your staff and ultimately our business IT systems secure.

  • Keep the company compliant
  • Keep your company data safe
  • Prompt best practices

Someone you can count on in your hour of need

Speak to any reputable IT support company and they can tell you of stories of working to 4 am in the morning on client systems. They can also tell you of stressed firms ringing up at the weekend who do not have any formal support contract. A good IT support company have relationships with suppliers and service companies that they can call on for favours too. They can often lend you temporary hardware for emergency situations.

  • Peace of mind
  • Professional advice when you need it
  • Access to IT hardware and resources

Proactive Monitoring of your IT systems

Think of your service contract as an insurance policy for your car. Expect it is a proactive one that checks the tyres and oil levels, they also make recommendations for upgrades to your vehicle and best practices on how to drive. The last thing the IT company wants is you to crash your car, as this results in extensive downtime for your business and lots of engineering time for them.

  • Anticipate for any potential IT issues
  • Keep your systems secure and running efficiently

Control your monthly and yearly operational costs

With an IT support company providing your business with Proactive Monitoring and IT strategy. Allows you to control IT costs and plan for long-term upgrades to IT systems. Ad-hoc spending on failed hardware and slow computers always costs more that well-thought upgrades and replacements.

  • Financial planning
  • Smart spending
  • Increased productivity

Concentrate on your business, not IT support services

There is nothing wrong with having a go-to IT person in your business; maybe it is yourself? Although does it make the company money? Would that resource be better spent on developing the business? Consider what happens if a significant problem occurs, how quickly can that be resolved? What happens if that IT knowledge leaves or is on holiday? Then think about the above points, could that same resource deliver the planning, experience of previous deployments, insight to future technologies?

  • Focus on the business not technologies
  • Measure operation costs
  • Reduce bottlenecks in the company

Reduced downtime and increased staff productivity

How much does it cost the business in wages when the companies IT systems are down? How much lost revenue from potential sales? How long does it take to recover fully? IT Support companies will make it their mission to reduce downtime for your business. The more productive their clients are, is better for them too!

  • Reduced staff downtime
  • Keep staff happy and productive

If you would like to learn more about IT Support Services for your business, then please contact David or Jamie on 0131 225 2215 or info@dunedinit.co.uk

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