Hotel VoIP Phone System

Hotel on Princess Street, Edinburgh needed to replace their ageing and expensive phone system.

Business Requirements

  • Replace ageing ISDN technology
  • Drive down running costs
  • The flexibility of a cloud VoIP solution
  • Allow for hotel functions such as call charging and wake up calls
  • 80% of phones would be under-utilised
  • Most calls would be made internally by staff

IT Challenges

  • A cloud VoIP solution didn’t make financial sense over three years
  • Workaround 24/7 hotel operations
  • Call Charging could not be integrated with the existing Hotel Booking System
  • Migration of numbers and staff training

IT Solution Delivered

  • Used existing internet connection for delivery of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) voice calls
  • Worked with our cable contractors to deliver additional network points throughout the hotel
  • On-premise PBX (Private Branch Exchange) phone system
  • 3rd Party call logging and charge system implemented
  • Ran new phone system alongside the existing system for an easier migration path

Benefits to the business

  • Mobile phone app allowed administrator staff to work from home
  • Hotel was charged for a system rather than per handset
  • The solution could function without an internet connection for internal calls
  • Hotel was free to choose from a wide range of phones