Racecourse Public WiFi

Racecourse wanted to offer its customers access to the fast internet across critical public areas. Which would help to facilitate with paperless ticketing, preferred booking partner and promotion of social media.

Business Requirements

  • Coverage for indoor and outdoor public areas
  • Secure access to internet for different users
  • Onsite support during race day
  • Limited initial capital expenditure
  • Allow the racecourse to promote its services to the public
  • Upgrade internet connection

IT Challenges

  • Internet connection was vital to the project
  • No core network in the main office or between buildings
  • Height access to buildings
  • No power in temporary ticketing offices
  • Budget didn’t allow for advised number of access points

IT Solution Delivered

  • 100 MB internet connection
  • Four seperate business networks ensure security and internet
  • Design security and bandwidth allowance from the ground up
  • Batteries to power temporary ticketing offices
  • 24/7 Network monitoring of 100 network devices
  • Onsite engineers on race days
  • Delivered a network which could be upgraded and expanded on for future network requirements
  • Worked with our cable contractors to deliver a complete solution

Benefits to the business

  • Project delivered ontime and budget
  • Wireless point to point network between buildings saved on civil costs
  • Temporary battery solution saved on civil costs
  • Exceeded coverage area and user experience
  • The following year the business need an additional network which was simply bolted on to the existing network