Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger


Daft Punk’s iconic track was released back in 2001 when the “dotcom” bubble was causing a temporary blip in the development of the internet and the technologies used to access it. Standard broadband was just developing and, although significantly better than dial-up, single figure Mbps speeds were as good as most SMEs could dream of. Fibre-delivered ethernet seemed a million miles away, and even after launch, the cost kept them out of reach for all but the large corporate businesses.

You remember the web in 2001!

Roll forward to 2019 and suddenly its a very different picture. Loads more fibre in the ground and tumbling prices, mean that high speed, high quality services are now within reach for those businesses who absolutely depend on it to keep themselves competitive. Network operators like Cityfibre and SSE are providing real choice and competition in a space that was traditionally dominated by a few large players and as a result the industry is now a much more competitive environment.

Thats great for communication providers like Dunedin IT and it’s great for our customers.

In fact, we’ve just launched a product which it’s hard to believe would have been possible even five years ago. In partnership with our partners at Cityfibre, the Ethernet Flex product provides a starting speed of 200Mbps on a 1Gbps fibre bearer, and what’s more, if your demand exceeds the 200Mbps, the service will automatically flex upwards to accommodate it – no extra cost, no waiting around. And you’ll be amazed at how affordable it is.

There’s no doubt businesses have had to wake up to the fact that internet access is an absolutely core business tool – cloud services now making it business critical. DSL fix times and processes just don’t cut it when your business is paralysed. Many of our customers are now embedding the reliability of fibre in their network design and ensuring higher levels of business continuity.

When the notoriously reclusive French duo released their second album, Discovery, I was working for Telewest at head office and it was the soundtrack to my daily journey into work. I was managing a team of  people delivering data circuits to only the largest of corporate clients and government agencies, with some eye-watering costs. How the world has changed in 18 short years. Technologic indeed.