Moving your server to the data centre can have many business benefits. As business start to profit from faster, reliable and cost effect internet connections this further strengthens the business cases for data centre solutions.

Over the years Dunedin IT has deployed physical and virtual servers solutions in various data centres throughout the UK and Scotland. Our clients benefit from the knowledge that we can provide a server solution within hours.


Move your IT equipment to fully managed, fast, reliable and secure infrastructure.

Desktops & Servers

Your own private cloud IT infrastructure fully managed, reliable and secure. Virtual Desktop or Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) allows your desktop PC to be hosted in the cloud.

Cloud Solutions

What other cloud services could you benefit from?

Server Consolidation

Virtualisation, Cloud, Software Defined and Hyperconverged solutions can help you reduce the number of servers your business manages

Why Host with Dunedin IT?

Does your IT infrastucture need a fast and reliable connectivity?

Need remote access to traidtional and legancy applications?

24/7 Support for IT infrastucture required?

Do you have a secure loction for your servers?

Needing to upgrade IT infrastucture but don’t resources for large upfront capitial?