Co-Location of IT infrastructure for a business moving offices

A renewable energy company moved its head office to Scotland from England. It needed to run its IT infrastructure to the new office or did it?


  • 40 Users spread across the UK
  • Operates internationally
  • Renewable Energy
  • Research and development


  • Move IT infrastructure out of the English office
  • Allow staff to work remotely and securely
  • Host both production and development environments
  • Limited initial capital expenditure after the office move
  • Improve technical support for development servers
  • Upgrade internet connection


  • The majority of staff would not be moving to Scotland
  • Moving from a public cloud solution
  • Head office internet connection wasn’t suitable for remote working
  • Remote locations of the team
  • A new client to Dunedin IT
  • The office is on a boat!


  • We used our Computing Platform to provide a private cloud environment
  • Only moved one physical server to the data centre
  • Four separate business networks ensure security
  • Used Enterprise VPN for remote workers (Apple, Windows & Mobile)
  • Virtualised some of the servers and migrated to cloud
  • Moved Email to Office 365 to reduce the need of physical servers
  • Dunedin IT Disaster Recovery solution for onsite servers
  • Left large CAD and multimedia files locally to the majority of users

Benefits to the business

  • Computing Platform has the flexibility to scale with business
  • The changes mitigated risk to the company by spreading IT systems across cloud, private cloud and on-premises
  • The project became an operational cost rather than capital spend
  • As the business starting operating in other countries, no changes where required