Data Loss Prevention solution for a Technical Services company

A technical services company based in Edinburgh wanted to give its employees flexibility to access company information from any device and cloud service they wished.

Business Requirements

  • Give the stakeholders confidence and reassurance against potential data loss
  • Enable company to continue with open IT policy
  • Help with GDPR implementation
  • Cover all company devices and data sources covered
  • Fully outsourced and managed externally
  • Reduce risk to business if a data breach happened
  • Limited capital expenditure

IT Challenges

  • Range of devices need to be covered – Apple, Windows and mobiles
  • Data is spread across cloud, office servers & NAS devices
  • Concerns about another agent deployed on endpoints
  • Limited resources to manage the solution

IT Solution Delivered

  • Deployed Data Loss Prevention as a Service solution
  • Lightweight agent deployed across all company devices
  • AI technology helped with management and reporting
  • Cloud Hosted Solution

Benefits to the business

  • Helped to prevent potential malware infections that would have been critical loss of time
  • Helped the business with future tender processes
  • Delivered as an operational expenditure with no capital investment required
  • Increased uptime of IT systems
  • Allowed the company to confidently keep operating with an open IT policy
  • Re-enforced companies GDPR commitment
  • The solution scales with companies continuing growth today