Providing outsourced IT services to a Charity’s IT department

A charity required holiday coverage and support with IT projects to support the one person IT department.


  • Sizeable Scottish charity with head office in Edinburgh
  • Multiple satellite offices around Scotland
  • One person IT department
  • Over 150 users requiring IT support


  • Demand for IT support fluctuates depending on the season
  • Day-to-day IT operations caused delays to long-term IT projects
  • Organisation increasingly requiring weekend and holiday coverage
  • Need for more proactive monitoring and security of networks and servers
  • Streamline IT processes and management of IT requests


  • Saved IT departments time by outsourcing backup and recovery tasks to Dunedin IT
  • Integrated servers and network into Dunedin IT monitoring systems with daily check procedures
  • Covered holiday periods with an onsite engineer in Edinburgh office
  • Setup online helpdesk that allowed tickets to be sharing with Dunedin IT helpdesk during busy periods
  • Implement more cloud base IT services with Dunedin IT performing daily and weekly security audits
  • Contributed to IT strategy with regular meetings with the IT department and others in the organisation


  • Increase IT support coverage outside holidays, weekends and busy periods
  • IT Department can take time out from day-to-day operations to focus on new IT solutions
  • Reduce stress on IT staff and increase productivity for users requiring IT support
  • IT Staff learnt new skills
  • Saved money without needing to employ additional IT staff
  • Happier end users!