New London Office Setup

One of our existing Edinburgh architecture clients wanted to expand its business operations to cover England by opening an office in the city centre of London. The client had just recently overhauled its IT systems to a virtualised environment.


  • Re-use the recently replaced old server in the Edinburgh office for London
  • The client has been very happy with the delivery of its new virtualised environment wanted Dunedin IT to do the same for its new London office
  • Continue its new virtualised strategy for the London office as a template for future offices
  • Keep the need for local IT support to minimal for remote offices
  • Ensure staff from both locations can access IT resources from any offices
  • Deliver the server and other IT equipment from the Edinburgh to London office


  • A critical part of the hardware failed when in London requiring the engineer to stay onsite for another day until replacement parts where sourced. Although this was covered by the hardware vendor, it was important that the client was happy with the final delivered solution.
  • Ensuring London staff can still work while changing critical part of the IT systems.
  • Liaising with managed office staff and the local IT company that provides internet connectivity.


  • An engineer drove the IT equipment down to London providing one stop solution for the client.
  • Pre-configuring of hardware and software and then testing within the Edinburgh office to ensure London installation is smooth and quick as possible.
  • VMware virtualised solutions was our natural choice that gave the client the ability to deploy future server solutions without the need for physical server installations or onsite visits.

Benefits to the business

  • Rapid deployment of new IT services via its London virtualised environment.
  • Provides a future platform for backing up company data across different regional locations.
  • Allowed previous investment in hardware to be re-used when its current capacity wasn’t enough for the growing Edinburgh office.
  • When the server hardware does reach its end of life the business can transfer its investment in software and configure over to a new virtualised hardware.
  • A “copy and paste” solution for plan offices outside of the UK