• Well established Landscape Architect Practice
  • Edinburgh based office
  • Ten staff with ambitions to grow the practice
  • Ready for fresh approach to IT support
  • New business opportunities requiring new tools

IT Challenges

  • Ageing computers and server
  • Business had previously purchased standard PCs rather than powerful workstations
  • Limited IT budget
  • Daily IT issues

IT Solutions delivered

  • Upgrades to existing machines allow money to spent on one powerful workstation
  • Outsourced email to Microsoft BPOS (Office 365 old name!) prolonging existing server
  • Migrated and increase storage off server on to cheaper network drive (NAS)
  • Regular IT visits to settle company infrastructure

Benefits to the business

  • Powerful workstation demonstrated quick return on investment allowing further investment
  • Saved money by reducing outsourcing of 3D rendering
  • Staff happier to be working with latest software and hardware
  • Allow the business to operate another 24 months before replacing server
  • Company spent money on new applications that allowed it bid for new areas of work
  • Investment in IT reduced daily IT support