Background & History

Dunedin IT is a professional team of 16 staff based in Edinburgh and Glasgow, supporting 120 businesses across Scotland & North England. Dunedin IT is an almost exclusively technical team, we do not employ any Sales or Marketing personnel.

Marion, David and Jamie all knew each other from their time working at Jenners until 2005 when House of Fraser purchased it. A couple of years later an opportunity arose to buy a customer list from one-person IT company. September 1st 2009 Dunedin IT Limited was formed. The night before, the company was going to be called Caledonian IT.

Greg was our first real engineer and is still working with us today. David and Jamie would take on pretty much any job in the early days to pay the bills, little has changed. We still work from the original Edinburgh office but also have staff working from four other locations.

Over the years we’ve organically grown and now support companies all over Scotland. We have clients with offices in Northen Ireland, North East, North West and South of England.

They say never work with family but we would disagree, work with the right member of your family!

Our Vision…

A World in which organisations have secure and inspirational IT services that benefit people and society


We become a wholesale telecoms and internet provider
Two England based engineers
Gained ISO 27001 – information security standard

Second data centre presence
We purchase our first hyperconvered computing platform

Glasgow Office opens

We rent our first data centre rack
Edinburgh office is expanded
ISO 9001 Accredited

Glasgow Office opens
Staff count up to 10



Our first engineer, Greg started

We survived

Dunedin IT was formed