We’re actively looking for

  • Junior IT Support Engineer

In 2021 we’ll be thinking about

  • Service Delivery Manager
  • IT Support Engineer
  • Graduate IT Engineer

Our Company Values

The “How”, the way we work, our company values are fundamental to Dunedin IT.

They’re crucial to ensuring that the company can grow while maintaining the reputation we have built over the last ten years.

Outwith any technical skills and experience, these are the aspect we look for in our next employee.

We deliver trust in technology through the execution of our solutions

We challenge ourselves to grow our knowledge in everything we do

We look for opportunities to be a hero without reward

We are personally ambitious and only interested in beating yesterday

We are for the customer; we provide enlighten hospitality

"I tell prospective candidates they don't want this job, that there are more comfortable IT roles, with more money and less stress.

To work for an outsourced IT provider, you need to be next level, special forces of the IT world, ready to combat different technologies for a wide range of civilians.

But, if you enjoy challenges, self-motivated, can go the miles, then the experience and skills you will gain working for MSP will outstrip those in other IT roles.

The faint-hearted may not apply."

Jamie, Technical Director

Still here?

Send us your CV, be creative, get our attention, consider video message.

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