Dunedin IT is a professional team of 25 staff based in offices Edinburgh and Glasgow, supporting 150 orgnisations across Scotland & England. We have engineering presence in Poland, North East and South of England. We can provide end-to-end IT and Communication services for SME and IT consutlancy for larger organisations.

Having procurement IT Services over the years, and then later providing those services in my last role, I knew clients deserved a more satisfying experience.

David on starting Dunedin IT

  • 2009Caledonian IT?

    The days when the directors did real work

    The founding directors, Marion, David and Jamie all knew each other from their time working at Jenners Department Store. A couple of years later an opportunity arose to buy a client list from one-person IT company. September 1st 2009 Dunedin IT Limited was formed. The night before, the company was going to be called Caledonian IT.

  • 2010Snow and no weekends

    Sorry can't make it today

    Remember when it snowed in December 2010 and didn't stop till Spring 2011?

    Early office

  • 2011First Engineer

    Greg was our first real engineer and is still working with us today. First six months of Greg's employment the office was home to his daughter too!

  • 2012Microsoft Partner

    Earlier adopters Microsoft BPOS which become Office 365 and gained Partner Status. Staff numbers started to increase.

    James & Greg

  • 2013Football

    Something must of happen

  • 2014Glasgow Engineer

    Our first Glasgow office was a room rented in the same building as one of our clients. We shared it with a full size plastic cow, remember the Cow Parade?First Glasgow Engineer
    Staff count up to 10

  • 2015Data Centre

    We rent our first data centre rack
    Edinburgh office is expanded
    ISO 9001 Accredited

  • 2016New Glasgow Office



  • 2017Further Expansion

    Second data centre presence
    We purchase our first hyperconvered computing platform

  • 2018Wholesale Telecoms

    We become a wholesale telecoms and internet provider
    Two England based engineers
    Gained ISO 27001 – information security standard

  • 201910 Years!

    Dedicated Helpdesk Manager hired
    Cyber Essentials
    10 Years of Dunedin IT

  • 2020Year of changes

    Not going to mention the "thing"

    CX Manager

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