About Us

To inspire empowerment of information and extract knowledge for success

Our mission statement

A world in which organisations have secure and inspiration IT services that benefit people and society

Our long term goal

This means Dunedin IT is focused on allowing organisations to access information more straightforward, quicker, cost-effective, in new and inspiring ways. So you can extract the knowledge that provides value to your business or organisation.

It just so happens we use Information Technology (IT) to achieve our goal.

We apply our mission statement and long term goal to everything we do in Dunedin IT

  • Was our performance pushing us further to our goal?

  • Will this new product or service be inspiring to use?

  • Does our client believe in what we believe?

  • Is this the right thing to do for our client?

Working with us means

Save time and money

With an IT support contract from Dunedin IT

  • Using an IT Strategy ensures our clients spend wisely
  • Proactive monitoring saves our clients time by our helpdesk team anticipating potential issues
  • Our clients save money by using our complete wrap-around service
  • Professional advice to ensure our client’s get the right equipment first time around
  • Unlimited IT support, our clients control their IT costs
  • Clients run their business; we handle the computers
Reducing stress by providing peace of mind

Help when you need it – Along with telephone, remote and onsite support, our clients can have access to IT documentation and user guides. Have an IT emergency at the weekend? No worries, we have on-call engineers.

Company Data Safe – Whatever happens, we have our client’s company data backed up. In highly connected and secure data centres, on our hardware, under our control. What’s more, we can recreate your IT infrastructure should the worst happen.

On your side – Our team takes our clients issues to heart; we don’t give up on challenging problems that may not be necessary within our control or provide any reward. Our reward is long-term relationships with our clients.

Staying Compliant and Secure
  • Going Further – Some of our clients employ additional services such as security awareness learning and data loss protection software.
  • Certifications – Clients can seek our advice on GDPR, Cyber-Essentials and other ISO certifications.
  • Report Card – Our clients receive an annual report card outlining any weakness in their IT infrastructure.
  • Security as a Standard – Dunedin IT Security Suite provides five core layers of protection as a standard for our clients.
Increase Productivity

Things just work – From cabling, laptops, servers to the internet connection. We take time to ensure our clients get the most from every purchase, every decision they make, to ensure their IT keeps evolving.

Improved Connectivity
Reduced Downtime

Downtime costs clients money, either directly or downstream. We make it our mission to reduce downtime through planning, scheduling and proactive monitoring.

New ways to be competitive
  • Organise your company information so it becomes a business process
  • Communicate & work with your team & clients through new collaboration tools

Company Values

Our company values are fundamental to Dunedin IT.

They’re crucial to ensuring that the company can grow while maintaining the reputation we have built over the last ten years.

When recruiting staff, we look for those that can demonstrate these characteristics out with qualifications and experience. We continue this journey with our internal processes and performance reviews centered around these values.

We deliver trust in technology through the execution of our solutions

We challenge ourselves to grow our knowledge in everything we do

We look for opportunities to be a hero without reward

We are personally ambitious and only interested in beating yesterday

We are for the customer; we provide enlighten hospitality



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