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In the past, creating custom applications for your business was an expensive affair. Hiring developers or a development team to write code for the app would require specialised talent, resulting in potentially eye-watering costs. However, things have changed with the emergence of Low-Code and No-Code applications, enabling a much more cost-effective and appealing route into developing bespoke applications.
Low-Code and No-Code apps are being deployed by businesses of all sizes across the world to drive innovation and digital transformation. With the help of partners and service providers, digital transformation has become fully accessible to any business regardless of size or scale.

Digital Transformation for All

Digital Transformation for All: Accessibility of Low-Code and No-Code Apps

In essence, these solutions offer a means for individuals without a developmental background to transform their ideas into tangible products. In the past, creating a website would have necessitated the expertise of a web developer to write the code according to the specifications of your business. Nevertheless, with tools such as WordPress, the process has become considerably simpler and does not demand any prior coding knowledge.

Low-code platforms are typically leveraged for managing intricate and vital procedures within your organization, while no-code solutions are commonly employed for developing tactical applications that perform basic functions. Benefits include

Potential applications of low-code and no-code solutions for your business

Customer Insight

Providing valuable intelligence by analysing your customer data from sources such as on-site databases, websites, and other cloud applications, Power BI can present meaningful information that enhances your planning and decision-making

Employee Feedback

By utilizing Microsoft’s Power Platform, you can effortlessly create a customized feedback portal for your employees that meets their specific requirements. This portal can be used to provide training and developmental feedback to help them improve their performance.


With the help of no-code solutions, you can streamline the onboarding process and ensure that every new employee follows the same set of steps. You can use Power Automate to create a workflow that automates the onboarding process and makes it simpler for everyone involved.

Paid Time Off (PTO) Tracking and Applications:

The Power Platform can also be used to track all aspects of your employees’ PTO and leave, simplifying the process of applying for and accepting leave. This system will automatically track and manage your employees’ leave, saving you time and effort.

Inventory Management

Tracking inventory and stock can be a complex process. By using the Power Platform to manage your inventory, you can streamline the process and ensure that your stock counts are always accurate. This will improve the overall efficiency of your company and eliminate any potential errors.

Tools to enable this:

Efficiently develop applications in mere hours, as opposed to months, that readily link with data, employ Excel-like expressions to incorporate logic, and are compatible with web, iOS, and Android devices.

Effortlessly integrate robust workflow automation into your applications using a no-code strategy that seamlessly connects with a vast array of popular applications and services.
Transform disparate data sources into dynamic and engaging dashboards and reports that offer practical insights and fuel business success.

Kickstarting Your Digital Transformation

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