IT Strategy

How IT Strategy works

With many years of IT consultancy experience, we can work with you on an ad-hoc basis or as an ongoing strategic partner. We’ll help you build an IT strategy that not only matches your current business plan but future aspirations. Starting with the company objectives, we’ll translate these into IT systems that can help to deliver these goals.

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Tech Insights

Browse, watch, listen to the content below; you don't even need to be a client to use Tech Insight library.

Engage with Dunedin IT to curate content specifically for your organisation or arrange a dedicated time with senior staff.

Present your ideas to your company or have Dunedin IT produce a report

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IT Strategy

Starting with the company objectives and your IT vision, these form the basis of your IT Strategy.

A sound IT Strategy will support your staff and infrastructure, ultimately advancing your organisation cause.

A strategic partnership helps you manage your IT resources and shape operational processes.

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Digital Workshops

How do you support your team to carry out the IT Strategy along with Dunedin IT?

Digital Workshops addresses these gaps between technology and people. Our team understands the technology, your team comprehends the organisation and processes.

Every Wednesday, our clients can select a Digital Workshop dedicated to their needs with one of our experts.

IT Strategy & IT Consultancy

  • IT Budgeting
  • Aligning of IT with business planning
  • Improved security and reduancy
  • Drive operations efficiency
  • Keep pace with existing and new competiton

  • Strategic IT advice
  • Technology feasibility studies
  • Process optimisation
  • Project management and project rescue
  • Product and proposal assessment
  • Procurement management

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