Digital Workshops

Every Wednesday, we have a dedicated member of the team to help you get the most from your IT services, insights to how we and others use IT to enable a more efficient.

How Digital Workshops work

Digital Workshops1

Tech Insights

Browse, watch, listen to the content below; you don't even need to be a client to use Tech Insight library.

Engage with Dunedin IT to curate content specifically for your organisation or arrange a dedicated time with senior staff.

Present your ideas to your company or have Dunedin IT produce a report

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IT Strategy

Starting with the company objectives and your IT vision, these form the basis of your IT Strategy.

A sound IT Strategy will support your staff and infrastructure, ultimately advancing your organisation cause.

A strategic partnership helps you manage your IT resources and shape operational processes.

Digital Workshops3

Digital Workshops

How do you support your team to carry out the IT Strategy along with Dunedin IT?

Digital Workshops addresses these gaps between technology and people. Our team understands the technology, your team comprehends the organisation and processes.

Every Wednesday, our clients can select a Digital Workshop dedicated to their needs with one of our experts.

Complimentary Training for you Team

How would Dunedin IT support my team?

Digital Workshops aim to systemise IT consultancy by blending training, implementation, instantaneous feedback and relationship building into short collaborative sessions.




How can technology support our business goals and my vision?

IT Director


Dunedin IT

2020 was a big change for everyone. We need to help our clients to keep evolving.




Technology is the easy bit, how do we get the team motivated and behind the directors plans?

IT Engineer


Dunedin IT

How do I reduce recurring issues to help clients and my responsibilities.

Team Leader



I wished we used this in our organisation, it would help us.

Digital Workshop Strategy

Digital Workshops every Wednesday

Taps into the team’s local knowledge to create product champions

Making instant changes with the client provides a more satisfying experience

Upskilling helps to reduce future support calls and gives the business more control

Nurtures relationships and stretches the technical team to develop new skills

Speeds up and reduces implementation costs through technical and business transparency

Assists with the alignment of technologies that support the goals of the organisation

Digital Workshop Process

How would digital workshops work for my organisation?

1. Explore

Tell me about your Goals

2. Thought Leadership

So when we last spoke…

3. Deployment

Can we show how things are progressing?

4. Post Implementation

Can we show how things are progressing?

Digital Workshop Infographic

Download our Digital Workshop Infographic to share with the team

Example Workshops

  • Security Awareness

  • Officeless Setup

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Power of Microsoft SharePoint

  • IT Strategy Planning

  • Dunedin IT Tools

  • Business System Planning

  • Microsoft Power BI

  • GDPR & IT Systems

  • Future

  • Working From Home

  • Remote Working Improvements

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