Overcoming the Challenges of Rural Broadband

Uninterrupted Internet: A Necessity, not a Luxury

The Modern Workplace relies heavily on cloud technology, allowing users to access everything from email and company data to phone systems and online video meetings.

However effective use of these technologies often relies on high-speed, reliable internet connections which, depending on your location, can’t always be taken for granted. Helping our customers overcome connectivity challenges is something we’ve been doing for a number of years at Dunedin IT, using our understanding of a wide range of technologies to deliver the most effective results. Satellite solutions on country estates, line of site radio on race-courses, and cellular data to remote islands have all featured in recent times.

Business Internet: Thinking outside the steel box

Recently, we helped our customer John Dennis overcome such challenges at a farmhouse in rural East Lothian where a long-term construction project meant the team managing the site required the bandwidth necessary to operate effectively.

A site survey established the best quality network for the job, however working from solid steel cabins brought an additional challenge when using cellular technology. We used our partners at Poynting Antennas to ensure that the maximum available speed was achieved on site, which could then be fed inside to the cellular router from Teltonika, in turn providing WiFi coverage internally.

The users are now able to comfortably make voice calls over WiFi, as well as having access to their company email and data.


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