Capital Credit Union and Dunedin IT

Capital Credit Union is a member-owned, community-based financial organisation. With almost 23,000 members, it is the largest credit union in East Scotland and one of the largest in the UK. Dunedin IT has worked with the company for eight years on several security-focused projects, including upgrading its entire hardware infrastructure and assets, moving the organisation to the cloud, and acting as the conduit between Capital Credit Union and CityFibre to install new fibre. Dunedin IT will also be providing infrastructure support to Capital Credit Union as they move to a new office in October 2021.

The Challenge

Staff WFH Ready
25 of 25
Off Site PCI Compliant
100 %
Onsite PCI Compliant
"We’ve worked with Dunedin IT on a support and project-basis for a few years, and have great trust in their expertise when it comes to digital transformation and IT services. When our staff made the switch to working remotely, it was imperative that our telephony systems were up and running right away."
Kevin Cairns
IT Systems Manager, Capital Credit Union

As a financial institution, Capital Credit Union requires enhanced security measures in all of its technologies and communication systems. However, after several staff tested positive in late 2020, a decision was made to accelerate a move to an already-planned VOIP telephone system and allow the majority of staff to work from home. At the time, Capital Credit Union was using a traditional Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system with all hardware based on site.

While this worked well for pre-Covid operations, it meant there was no possibility of working remotely using phones without relying on personal mobile phones. This was not an option, from a security perspective. 

To ensure compliance with necessary security measures as controlled through governance, all staff required access to a secure telephony system. For business continuity and good governance, employees needed to be able to access the secure phone system at all times, regardless of location.

The Solution

Dunedin IT designed and implemented a bespoke telephony system for Capital Credit Union that stood up against its stringent security and compliance needs.

The organisation had already been considering a VOIP telephone system and planned for Dunedin IT to install it when they moved to a new office in late 2021, however these plans were accelerated following the move for most staff to work remotely. It took less than three weeks from this decision being made to have the new system up and running. The system was installed in parallel with the existing lines to ensure there was no impact on business operations during installation. Once the new VOIP system was running, the old PBX system was decommissioned.

The new VOIP system is part of the Dunedin IT Communications Platform, which uses the industry leading 3CX phone system. Dunedin IT used a combination of digital workshops and training videos to ensure employees were comfortable and confident using the new system.

As part of switching Capital Credit Union to the new VOIP system, Dunedin IT also moved the business to a new, call recording system that met the institution’s security needs while employees worked remotely, The Apresa Call Recording System. This system integrated smoothly into 3CX and provides a secure and payment card industry (PCI) compliant method to record calls – this PCI compliance is critical for businesses in financial services.

The Results

Setup Time
0 Weeks
Setup Downtime
50 Hours
Staff WFH Ready
0 of 25
WFH PCI Compliant
0 %
“Despite this happening during the holiday season, the Dunedin IT team immediately jumped in and made sure we had access to a new cloud based system, with the level of security we needed, within a few weeks. As a result we now have a new telephony system that will serve us well, for both working in the office and remotely.”
Kevin Cairns
IT Systems Manager, Capital Credit Union
  • Rapid Implementation

    New telephony system installed and running three weeks after the decision to implement, without impacting operations.

  • Improved security

    Phone and recording systems to meet enhanced security requirements in financial sector.

  • Increased Performance

    Significant improvements in call answer rates and internal performance reporting.

  • Cost Savings

    Reduced infrastructure costs due to moving from a PBX system to the cloud.

  • Flexibility

    Added flexibility to add staff to the call group at short notice to cope with sudden, increased demand, resulting in improved customer experience.

  • Future

    Ability to allow employees a more flexible work model in the future, with ability to access the phone system using desktop handsets, mobile devices, or soft clients on the desktop.

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