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Bamburgh Castle and Dunedin IT

With a host of big screen appearances to its name, most recently appearing in the latest Indiana Jones movie, Bamburgh Castle is used to being in the spotlight.

Having recently delivered an IT and Communications solution to the estates management office for Bamburgh Castle, we were tasked with bringing the Castle itself up to date with its connectivity. With a beautiful but challenging location, Dunedin IT has been working closely with our client to deliver and support the new technologies that will be instrumental in developing their business.

The Challenge – “Push the boundaries”

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In such a historic location, it can be difficult to envision the opportunities that technology can bring, but what was clear for Bamburgh Castle, was the need to improve the visitor experience, in a very competitive market. The organisation was faced with some rudimentary challenges in the shape of its IT Support and internet access, whilst the team was growing at a rapid pace.

Dealing with the impact of the pandemic brought additional issues but Bamburgh Castle was determined to build a strong proposition for the future.

“We try and put partnership and trust at the heart of our relationship with our customers, as we try to help design and deliver a digital future that will allow their business to continue evolving. In a most unique setting, Bamburgh Castle is now able to dream bigger and we’re proud to be playing a role in that”

The Solution

We began by spending time understanding the issues that were impacting the team’s ability to deliver a first class experience for its visitors – getting the fundamentals right as a reliable and responsive IT partner. It quickly became clear that poor online access to the outside world via the internet needed urgent attention.  It’s a dedicated, un-contended 100Mb ethernet circuit, distributed across the key locations on site by a new cabling infrastructure delivered by Dunedin IT as part of the overall project.

Basic broadband did not deliver the reliability or capability required and we delivered a full fibre solution through our CityFibre City Champion partnership.

Bamburgh Castle is now seeing the benefits of an integrated solution, with Dunedin IT providing a one-stop shop for IT Support, infrastructure and communications.

“Having worked with Dunedin IT for a number of years, we’re delighted to be part of their continued growth as one of the country’s leading technology and connectivity providers. We’re proud to have them as a City Champion, leveraging the power of City Fibre’s rapidly growing network across the UK, always with the depth of understanding of a company who deliver end to end technology solutions"

The Results – “The Sky’s the Limit”

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"Previously it was a constant uphill battle where now, we make a phone call and it's like magic. The superfast fibre internet we have is very reliable and now that we're confident we've got the infrastructure in place, we can really push the boundaries. The sky's the limit, which is very exciting."

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