Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation has become the latest buzzword that many internet and tech enterprises are throwing around. Defining Digital Transformation is challenging because it will likely be different for every organisation.

We could define it as the mixture of digital technology into all levels of an organisation resulting in significant changes to how they work and deliver value to their customers.

Merely using new technologies isn’t Digitial transformation but exploring them in diverse ways, challenge traditional ways of working, becoming open to innovations and failures from rapid changes.

  1. Reduced risk through the agile approach to traditional IT systems
  2. Flexibility to deal with the complexity of today’s business world
  3. Improve customer experience through the clear vision of organisation challenges
  4. Adaptive culture allows for continuous improvements
  5. Allow and improve management decisions made by employees

Outside of technology you should consider as talking points for your businesses Digitial Transformation.

  • Collaborative workspaces & pop-up offices
  • A flexible working arrangement with clear policies
  • Employee health with wearable technology
  • Leaders embracing cultural transformation
  • Open, collaborative access between client and suppliers
  • Always learning mindset beyond education
  • Natural curiosity to find different solutions without fear of failure
Digital Transformation = New Technologies + All Levels + Cultural Changes + Breaking with tradition


Today’s workplace is one with internet connection

Only a fifth of future employees want to work in a traditional office

Put people first; technology and business second

Embrace AI enhanced decision making

Be open to closer collaboration between suppliers and your customers

24/7 society, always connected and life-balance