Cloud File Server

Storing data in the Cloud has become commonplace nowadays, however the storage itself is just the tip of the iceberg. Ensuring the data is secure, compliant, accessible and organised is where the true depth and value of a high-quality Cloud File Server solution can be appreciated.


Below, we’ve demonstrated the snowball effect of how each out-of-the-box feature can build into significant efficiencies, with employees saving hours of time when compared to legacy technology.

Assumed Issues

Increase productivity across your team, saving a minimal of 20 hours per year per employee when you move to a Cloud File Server*

Cloud File Server Solution

Time Saved

Day 1

“I thought we’d moved to a new file server; it looks and works the same as the old one?”



✅ Little to no training is required.

1 Min

Day 2

“Can I access files from any location, without the hassle of VPN and even work offline too?”

✅ VPN no longer required

2 Mins

Day 3

“Can I share large files and folders with customers and suppliers, even granting them ability to update documents?”

✅ Data is organised from the get go

3 Mins

Day 4

“I can quickly and hassle-free access company files via mobile, tablet, Mac, any devices?”

✅ All devices can access the File Cloud Server

4 Mins

Day 5

“I can retrieve previous versions of files or recover deleted ones without having contact IT department?”

✅Version history as standard

5 Mins

Day 6

“Can my applications work directly with my company files?”

✅ With over 150 integrations, including Microsoft 365

6 Mins

Day 7

“Rapidly search across all my data in seconds?”

✅ your remote work force can access anywhere in the world

7 Mins

More Features?

The above are just some of the standard features included with all version of our Cloud File Server solutions.

Real Time Savings

The 20 hours per week is based on a very conservative five minutes saved per day over the course 230 working days a year.

Less Down Time

If you use VPN or remote desktop to access your files on the move, it’s still an extra step each day, when it doesn’t work, slows down or the application crashes because the VPN drops, that is more down time for your staff.

Less IT Issues

We have also seen clients that have our Cloud File Server solution have less IT support issues versus those with legacy solutions and even those using Microsoft SharePoint or Dropbox.


If your organisation is heavily regulated, then some of the advanced features will save your staff days per month. Those businesses that deal with large files, that are often sent to their clients, will find further time saving features.

Remove Out-dated Processes

Does your workforce visit client sites then update spreadsheets, take photos or edit PDF documents ? The mobile app can also streamline these processes on the go. That is why we’re confident on the numbers below.

Number of Staff

Mins. Per Day Saved

(Five minutes per staff)

Saved per Month

(20 workdays per month)


25 Mins

1 Day


50 Mins

2 Days


125 Mins

5 Days


250 Mins

10 Days


250 Mins

21 Days
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5 things your current file server can't do

1. Audit Files

The File Audit Report includes information about the activities performed by each user on the files and folders in your domain, making it easy to track down various activities across your assets at a user level.

2. Lifecycle Management

Egnyte Secure & Govern helps you manage content throughout its entire lifecycle, based on your custom policies. You can specify document retention, deletion, and archival policies, which can be based on the location of the files or your document classification policies.

3. Compliance

Egnyte Secure & Govern can look for sensitive information in your files using content classification and help you identify folders containing such information.

4. Ransomware protection

Rapidly detect and respond to ransomware attacks and protect your sensitive data with behavioural and signature-based detection—all in a single platform.

5. Threat detection

43% of data leaks come from insider threats like employees, contractors, and partners. Insider breaches can occur at any time and be fatal to your business.

Different versions of Cloud File Server (Egnyte)

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