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Predictive Email Defense for Microsoft 365

While Microsoft 365’s security capabilities catch most spam and known threats, organisations need additional protection against unknown, dynamic threats. That’s why we recommend that businesses using Microsoft 365 adopt a layered approach to email security.

What is Advanced Email Security for Microsoft 365

The severity of cyber-attacks and email-borne threats is growing year after year, with hackers progressively targeting Microsoft 365.

Advanced Email Security for Microsoft 365 prevents major zero-day malware and ransomware attacks, as well as spear-phishing and business email compromise assaults, by identifying and analysing every email and predicting harmful tendencies.

It’s protection that resides inside Microsoft 365, so you don’t have to, with 24/7 global threat intelligence.
“Despite the growth in more targeted attacks through other vectors, email is still the most common channel for opportunistic and targeted attacks, as well as a significant source of data loss.” - Gartner

How does advanced email security work?

Multi-faceted Anti-Phishing

Performs a real-time, multi-layered behavioural analysis of the email and URL, following any redirections to determine whether the final page is dishonest.


Anti-Malware Performs comprehensive analysis of the origin, content, and context of emails and attachments. Beyond scanning attachments, Vade detects malware well before anti-virus and sandboxing technologies, with no delay to users.

Banner-Based Anti-Spear Phishing

Algorithms interpret unusual text, while anomaly detection builds an anonymous profile that establishes standard communication patterns. Detected anomalies, such as impersonation attempts or financial requests, trigger a customisable warning banner alerting the user.

Insider Threat Protection

Scans internal email to prevent insider attacks using compromised accounts, thanks to native integration with Microsoft 365.

Email Compliance & Journaling

Why do I need email compliance

Much of an organisation’s knowledge is found in its email. Email represents a lot of time and effort on many employees, and it’s an investment that every business should protect. Archiving not only protects the intellectual property depicted by email, but also makes email management, in general, more accessible, improving productivity and performance.

Compliant Cloud-based Email Archiving

Email archiving allows users to archive your organisation’s emails securely and retrieve archived emails quickly. With an email archiving solution, you’re able to store and access emails as required, with automatic backup. Lightning-fast search and retrieval tool has a load performance of more than 200 emails per second from your email server, meaning your emails are archived and retrievable instantly.

Email archiving copies each email as it enters or leaves the mail server and stores it in encrypted format in a protected data centre. It provides a permanent copy of the original which protects against both inside and outside thefts. Fast search and retrieval engines accommodate the GDPR requirements.

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