Backup and Recovery

Keep your business in business with reliable backup service

Unexpected downtime and data loss waste time and money for your organization. Having a backup of your data, applications, and systems means you can recover fast and get back to work, whether you’re attacked with a phishing campaign or ransomware.
A single unplanned outage can cost a small organisation an average of £50,000

Backup is Not Disaster Recovery

Backing up your data, applications, and systems is the process of making a copy of your data, applications, and systems. It does not include the servers or platforms required to quickly restore your data and systems.

Backup simply means that it has been saved somewhere.

Disaster Recovery solutions allow you to quickly restore the most recent copy of your data. It entails having immediate, automatic access to and availability of your critical workloads in order to keep your business running.
Our disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) reduces recovery time by ensuring that critical systems are available when you need them. That means you can rely on us to get back to work as soon as possible after a disaster strikes.

Disaster Recovery

To develop and maintain a truly unified data backup and disaster recovery system, we will provide remote monitoring and management services.
Our team works with yours to accelerate migration, minimise deployment time, and improve your capacity to safeguard and restore data and systems so that employees can stay productive.

DR Orchestration

Using automated key DR scenarios, ensure that systems recover in the correct order to address interdependencies between applications.

Instant Recovery

Switching production to machines in a cloud data centre allows you to get back up and running in minutes after a site outage.

Encrypted backups

Maintain data privacy with encrypted backups and allow us to securely use stored passwords for automated disaster recovery operations.

Automated Testing

Run isolated testing from your production network to ensure the integrity of your disaster recovery plans.

Backup for Microsoft Office 365

Why do I need to back up my Microsoft 365 data?

Microsoft duplicates your Microsoft 365 data within its data centres, and by default, messages are only kept in the deleted items folder for up to 30 days.

The original data may not be recoverable if moved by accident or if someone deletes it intentionally.

Email backup and the ability to restore individual messages or entire folders from SharePoint, Team or OneDrive has become critical for many businesses due to regulatory compliance requirements. 

Point-in-time recovery
Restore data from a specific time and date instantly and recover emails, OneDrive and SharePoint files and folders with ease.

Preview mail directly in the web console
All mail can be previewed or searched for by subject, to and from, sent and received date ranges directly in the Acronis web console.

Encrypt at transit and at rest
Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud for Microsoft 365 ensures all your data is backed up and encrypted at transit and at rest.

Disaster Recovery & Cyber Security Infographics

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