A lot has changed since medieval times, but you could also argue that even more change has happened in the last 20 years of cyber security!

To help understand that change, Dunedin IT Director Jamie tells the story of Cyber Security history in this playful retelling within a medieval landscape.

Standard Security Suite

A Dunedin IT Security Suite is a collection of IT Security Services designed to protect your organization.


Protects against viruses & malware
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Patch Management

Protect your software with the latest security updates
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Filters out bad email & helps to increase security awareness
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Organisations understand the need for some form of Cyber Security to protect their staff, company data, and computers.

As technology is always moving forward, it is important to also review your current cyber protection.

Advanced Security Suite

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Dark Web Monitoring

Guard against password breaches for your staff

Security Awareness Learning

Improve your team's security alertness
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Vulnerability Scanning

Scans your network, internet & website for issues


Advanced security tools with AI and security team monitoring

Internet Filtering

Stop access to bad & unproductive websites


Look for suspicious behaviour across all your core IT infrastructure

What protected the organisation a couple of years ago is no longer enough. New threats are already emerging today that leverage the power of artificial intelligence technology.

It is clear organisations and IT providers will need additional help to protect against the ever-changing cyber security threats.

Compliance Services

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Password Management

Keep your organisation passwords secure

Data Loss Prevention

Internal threats & compliance management

Backup & Compliance for Cloud

Google & Microsoft backup & recovery
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Cyber Essentials as a Service

Government backed security certification
Learn more about Cyber Essentials

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