A Brief History of VoIP & How the VoIP Stars Have Finally Aligned

In the dim and distant past (well, maybe 25 years ago) the first commercial Voice Over Internet Protocol was launched by VocalTec, allowing people to talk to each other using their computers, across the internet.

Flexible and Mobile Working – Thinking beyond 2020

2020 massively accelerated changes in the workplace and the deployment of technologies that were enabling these changes. Challenges were basic – get online, access the applications where company data resides, make phones calls.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Daft Punk’s iconic track was released back in 2001 when the “dotcom” bubble was causing a temporary blip in the development of the internet and the […]

5G – Game-changer?

The spectrum licences have been awarded, and the broad standards agreed. It's almost time for another G to be added to the speed of your mobile data connection