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Lessons from the football field

The legendary Bill Shankly was once asked if football was a matter of life and death to him. “It’s more important than that” he replied. On any given Saturday at Easter Road Stadium, you may well find many that agree, but behind the scenes, there’s another critical part of the setup at Hibernian Football Club which holds significant importance as the organisation grows and develops – Cyber Security. And through our partnership with Acronis, we’re absolutely committed at Dunedin IT to ensuring it’s in safe hands.

We spent some time in conversation with key members of the team, including former Scotland International goalkeeper David Marshall, understanding where the approach and mentality of a football team’s defence, provides some lessons a business can take into its Cyber Security strategy.

Last Line of Defence

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It is crucial to be prepared for potential cyber threats. Having the right technology tools is an important element of this, but robust business processes are required to make the most of your investment in these.


Your business data is an extremely valuable asset to your organisation so take care of it and trust in the information it can provide. Ensure you can leverage it to make the right business decisions and turn it into the intelligence you need to succeed in your marketplace.

Every team member has a part to play in maintaining cyber security – the vast majority of cyber breaches are still down to human error. This can be IT illiteracy on the part of staff or simply not understanding  the role they play in the overall cyber security strategy. Staff engagement on the topic is important and it should form part of all staff training.

It’s essential to never let your guard down. Hackers and cybercriminals are always looking for vulnerabilities to exploit, so it’s vital to keep learning and adapting to new threats. And businesses of all sizes are targeted, with over 50% of all cyber-attacks in 2021 aimed at small and medium sized enterprises.

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