One Year Later: Handa Island

Rural Connectivity Solution

This week we caught up by video with one of our most remote clients, hearing about the benefits our fully managed solution has brought over the last year.

Rab Potter the reserve manager of the Scottish Wildlife Trust tells us about the preparations that he and his team made before closing for the season last September, and the challenges they faced when reopening in late March. We also talked about how they dealt with avian flu, its impact on the seabird population and the difference having a stable and reliable internet connection has had for the team.

About Handa Island and the Connectivity Solution

In March 2022, our team visited Handa Island to implement a communications solution that would enable Scottish Wildlife Trust staff to stay connected with both the organisation and the wider world. Known for its diverse bird species such as skuas, puffins, razorbills, and guillemots, Handa Island is a hub for researchers and volunteers who collect valuable data on the local marine and bird life.

❌ Problem

🏠 No WiFi at the bothy

📵 Inconsistent 4G speeds by mobile devices

👥 Difficult for staff and volunteers on the island to remain connected to the rest of the trust (weekly meetings)

✅ Solution

– 📡 Two 4G Antenna’s by Poynting Antennas

– ⚖️ Load balancing router by Peplink

– 📶 SIMs from IoT specialist Pangea | Connecting Everything

Life Like Now

“They’re all just on their phones now!” Rab tells us laughing, but adding on a serious note that it is a relief that his team can not only connect with the rest of the Trust, but also to the outer world for a better sense of well-being in such a remote location.

Dunedin IT Connectivity Solution

Preparing for a remote wildlife reserve is not an easy task, and ensuring stable connectivity is essential to run operations smoothly. At Dunedin IT, we understand the importance of reliable remote connectivity solutions. We offer a range of services that can help businesses and organisations that are operating in remote locations.

We can provide reliable connectivity solutions that can help maintain communications, monitor data, and access essential applications. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your organisation.

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