Boost your IT Department with outsourced IT Support

We work with a number internal IT departments; we enjoy working with them. They live and breath the company, we can give them insight into new technologies and assistance to every changing IT landscape.

Some of the benefits that IT department can gain by having a relationship with outsourced IT company.

Focus staff

Focus on staff skills that suit the business, not technology. Allow the IT department to focus on staff that have rounded and business-centric skills. Use the outsourced IT company to bring in technical specialists as and when needed.

Purchase and deployment experience

An IT department may purchase a new server or cloud service once a year, maybe a couple of new laptops a month? An IT support company will purchases goods and services every day. They will receive feedback from other clients on how they perform. An IT department should take advantage of this, ask for recommendations and take advantage of their extensive buying power and deployment experience.

Standby IT resources

Establishing a long-term relationship with IT outsourced company means they understand your business. If your IT department needs extra pair hands during holidays, project roll-outs and IT emergencies, then outsourced IT can help. Perhaps you want to extend IT coverage outside of regular business hours.

Outsource repetitive IT tasks

Allow the IT department to do more without increasing overheads. Silo repetitive but easy to monitor tasks such as security services and offsite backup and recovery solutions. IT departments will benefit outsourced company broader experience.


Choosing to outsource specific IT services to another company allows you to spread accountability. For example, outsourcing the day-to-day management of backups and then tasking the IT department to audit the monitoring of them. Provide the company with great peace of mind.

Latest technologies

An outsourced IT support company lives and breaths new technology. They will be able to help and advise your IT department on technologies that may benefit the business. Engage with them to assist with IT strategy meetings and future roadmaps.

Develop new staff skills

Working with the Outsourced IT company your staff will learn news skills when rolling out new projects, fixing issues with your IT infrastructure and discussing latest IT trends.

If you would like to learn more about outsourced IT Support Services for your IT Department, then please contact David or Jamie on 0131 225 2215 or

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