Internet Connectivity

We provide internet connectivity solutions to keep your business connected and online.

A number of choices are available to meet your internet requirements, here at Dunedin IT we developed a comparison of these here.

However, if high-speed, dependable internet is critical to your business, we recommend full-fibre ethernet. As a CityFibre City Champion partner, we have been delivering the Ethernet Flex products across the country for several years now. With a minimum of 200Mbps dedicated bandwidth, it really delivers!

Why Reliable & Fast Internet Matters

  • Remote collaboration is simple and effortless
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Greater reliability for business operations
  • Saves money long term with a more enabled workforce
  • Improved SLA times

Loss of Internet


Have you stopped to think about the impact of losing your internet connection?


What functions would this disable your business from performing?


How long before business operations came to a halt?


If you already have backup internet, what business functions can it support?


What’s your backup plan?

If you’re struggling to answer these questions, talk to us. We can help you formulate a full Disaster Recovery plan to keep your business moving, including cost effective failover internet access.

Related Case Study

The free public Wi-Fi installed by Dunedin IT was designed to reach speeds of 100MB/s, a more than 2000% increase over the previous connection speed, providing visitors with a better experience.
The Perth Races office building also received a fibre connection to improve business productivity, as well as Wi-Fi upgrades at The Lodge Hotel and the stables. Additionally, an IT engineer from Dunedin is on site every race day to guarantee the technology runs smoothly and any issues are resolved immediately. 

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Mobile Connectivity: A fully managed and secure remote working solution for your business.

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More Connectivity options

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